“Pioneering innovation”
  • KTS Group always focuses on research, improvement, and technological innovation to keep up with the times and make a difference
  • With an ecosystem of member companies, strategic partner companies, agents, distributors, domestic and international user communities linked together to build and develop the ecosystem prosperous and sustainable
  • We connect with departments, associations, organizations and individuals, consult, provide technology platforms, and digital transformation solutions for the business community with the spirit of best service.
Technology Solutions

We provide a variety of digital transformation tools and solutions: App, website, VR360, AR, electronic invoices, digital signatures, accounting software, human resource management, on-demand design… in the field of digital transformation

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Consulting services

  • We advise and support customers with digital transformation needs: agencies, corporations, businesses, manufacturing plants, agricultural and aquatic products, startups with little capital, hotels, and housing. shops, beauty spas, and general stores with dedicated customer care services to help agencies and businesses successfully transform digitally.

Transfer and training services

  • Technology transfer immediately after completing digital transformation solution registration: instructions for use, technical training and user support in the application
  • Conduct training courses to supplement basic and advanced knowledge

Warranty, maintenance and upgrade services

  • Comprehensive warranty, maintenance, and upgrades according to each product’s policy and provisions in the service contract with each customer



Member companies
Partner companies

Development partner company
Domestic and International customers