Conference about “Institute of Digital Technology and Healthcare” project

On January 14, at the office of KTS Group, a conference was held to discuss about the project “Institute of Digital Technology and Healthcare”. 

The conference was hosted by Mr. Hoang Van Ngoc – founder of KTS Group.

At the conference, there were consultations and discussions from professors, doctors, and many experts in some fields such as: health, technology, and economics. The purpose of the Institute when it was established was to create a hybrid center connect patients and doctors, helping save time and money when using technology for proactive healthcare.

“Proactive health care” is very important for every person because “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, knowledge about health care needs to be more widely disseminated to all people, so that in case they have to live with illness, they will also be proactive and responsible for their own health. own health.

Associate Professor Doctor Nguyen Viet Luong – specialized in Nutrition and Cosmetic, gave a presentation about “Proactive prevention for healthcare”. 

“Proactive healthcare” is truthly important for each person because “prevention is alway better than cure”. Therefore, knowledge about healthcare needs to be widely disseminated to all people. Especially, in case they have to live with illness for the rest of their life, they will be proactive and responsible for their own health.

Ph.D Le Xuan Nghia – Former Deputy chairperson of the National Financial Supervisory Commission share about topic “Sustainable development for businesses”.

Dr. Le Xuan Nghia said: “Vietnam is currently ranked 5th among countries that create carbon credits and has earned 1,200 billion VND by selling these credits”.

Following the roadmap, by 2025 Vietnam will establish “a carbon credit trading platform”. The World Bank (WB) has just spent 51.5 million USD to buy millions of forest carbon credits in the North Central provinces of Vietnam.

At the purchase price of 5 USD/carbon credit, the WB still leaves Vietnam with up to 95% to contribute to NDC (nationally determined contribution), reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A part of this money will go back to support North Central localities in researching and developing policies to protect and develop forests, ensuring livelihoods for people who keep forests.

Mr. Ha Huy Tuan – Former Deputy Head of the National Financial Supervisory Commission (in the middle)
Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Muoi – Former Deputy Director of Political Department, Ministry of Public Security (first from right)
Mr Nguyen Thanh Quang – Director Department of Health in Hai Ba Trung District (first from left). Mr. Vo Tri Thanh – Former Deputy Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management Research (in the middle), who sincerely send feedback for the project.
Associate Professor Doctor. Dong Khac Hung – Former Deputy Director of 103 Hospital and Vietnam Military Medical Academy (in the middle). MSc. Do Van Do – working at the Central children’s hospital (right).
Mr. Le Minh Dien – Counselor of the Vietnam Embassy Ambassador in Cambodia (2nd, from the right) and many leader of KTS Group’s partner companies.
Mr. Phan Thanh Hung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICS Joint Stock Company (right)
Associate Professor Doctor Dinh Van Han – Director of Wound Healing Center, National Burn Hospital (3rd from right) & Dr. Phung Thi Kim Hue – President of Institute of Health Research and Educational Development in Central Highland (2nd from right)
Pharmacist Le Huu Lua (on the right) and Mr. Pham Trung Thanh – General Director of AZ Digital Transformation Solutions Joint Stock Company (on the left).
The founder of KTS Group shares about the roadmap of institute.

At the end, the conference received a lot of comments from experts, who want to improve and develop the institute for better version.

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