Technology in early 2024

The event of KTS Group releasing the Global Card and integrating VR technology into e-commerce in early 2024 will undoubtedly pique the world’s interest.

Sự kiện công nghệ lớn đầu năm 2024
KTS officially release Global Card in 2024. (Source: Wiki)

According to “The White Book on Vietnamese E-Business 2022”, our country has up to 74.8% of internet users participating in online shopping. Among them, the items most commonly purchased online are clothes, shoes and cosmetics (69%), household appliances (64%), technology and electronics (51%) and so on. Statistics show that up to 78% of online shoppers use e-commerce websites, 42% use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Zalo…, and 47% use mobile shopping apps.

Fierce race

Currently, e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, TikTok shop… all allow foreign companies to participate in the Vietnamese e-commerce market. Most of the foreign shops come from China, which makes extremely large competition on e-commerce platforms because China is often known as the “world’s factory” with cheap and diverse products. Vietnam has over 100 transnational e-commerce platforms, over 140 units owning e-commerce trading platforms (41 selling goods, 98 providing services, and 3 partner companies in charge of paying transactions).

KTS Group can be proud of being the first VR technology application for a Vietnamese e-commerce platform. Through the simulation of virtual space, VR will undoubtedly contribute to the successful transformation of people. Alibaba is at the forefront of incorporating virtual reality (VR) into the online shopping experience. The “Online Shopping Festival” event in Ho Chi Minh City 2023, for example, had 77 livestream sessions, generated 18,200 orders, generated $4,2 million USD in revenue, and reached 81.6 million users, demonstrating that “VR integrated in e-commerce platforms” has significant potential.It is no coincidence that KTS Group had to organize livestream training courses for sellers and build their ecosystem through the issuance of Global Cards with preferential policies for customers when using them (health care, shopping, restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts, etc).

In the future, KTS Group will collaborate with Gotadi, a flight and hotel booking website with direct connections to 3 domestic airlines, agents for more than 20 foreign airlines flying to Vietnam, and over 900 other airlines worldwide, as well as building a network with over 6,000 domestic hotels and 400,000 international hotels to offer the most affordable prices to Vietnamese.

Sự kiện công nghệ lớn đầu năm 2024
Simulate the integration of VR into e-commerce trading platform. (Source: KTS Group)

Comments from experts

According to Nguyen An Thanh, an Economy & Urban newspaper journalist, commented: “The e-commerce market is a fierce competition, with three big players Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop accounting for 99% of the market share within this year’s amount of over 250 VND trillion.” We have seen a number of well-known Vietnamese brands close or be sold to other investors, including: VNG selling 123 to FPT; 24h closing;, of The Gioi Di Dong,, and others”.

Integrating VR technology is a good condition for sellers, but they also have to approach technology sales trends to achieve expected sales. In fact, many people own a Kisu Special 405 CX fishing-rod worth over 40 million VND but still cannot catch fish because they do not learn how to hold the rod and rely too much on modern fishing-rods”.

According to Associate Professor Dr. Le Trong Vinh (VNU University of Science): “KTS Group has planned to use the Global Card to build a community, based on the practical benefits of three fields: health care, education, and trade. The problem is how the KTS Group must calculate and invest in human resources so that the KTS’s ecosystem unanimously follows their ideal”.

“KTS Group, as a technology company, once “dissected” business problems in order to provide appropriate advice during the Digital Transformation process, but their leadership will now reshape the direction of development in 2024 and subsequent years. 5 years is a long enough time for KTS Group’s owner and his colleagues to accurately assess the group’s role when it officially enters the global stage”.

What to expect

To orient the development strategy, KTS Group has gathered about 40 to 50 politicians, experts, and scientists to discuss and plan the development of the company over the next 5 years.

Sự kiện công nghệ lớn đầu năm 2024

KTS Group has just ended 2023 with 3 spearheads: “Training, Technology and Development” and completed the first 5-year development with many milestones. What to prepare for the KTS next journey is still a secret, perhaps we will have to wait for the upcoming 2024 message of founder Hoang Van Ngoc. Therefore, the event of KTS Group releasing the Global Card and integrating VR technology into e-commerce in early 2024 is attracting attention from the profession, including the curiosity of insiders themselves.

*Source: Business forum magazine

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