Why use website recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)

Nowadays, each person will want to build a website for their own intention, especially for business owners to promote products. However, a legal website may not many people know about it so KTS Group will explain how to form a licit website, which is recognized by Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) in Vietnam.

Subjects who need to notify “e-commerce website” for MOIT included: 

  • Businessman. 
  • Organization, which functions include organizing the sale of goods, provision of services or conducting e-commerce promotion activities. 
  • Individuals, which granted a personal tax.

What types of websites need to be legally standardized:

According to Vietnamese law for websites, some websites need to be censored below:

  • E-commerce website: created by individuals, traders, and organizations to sell goods or services.  
  • Trade promotion website: not directly sell but do some activities such as introducing, advertising products and services.
  • Introduction website: that only introduces their company, services and goods without the function of ordering or paying online.

=> All are required to notify the website to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Benefits of notifying the website to the MOIT:

  • Regulatory compliance: according to state regulations, all websites operating in the field of e-commerce are required to notify MOIT.
  • Credibility: if your website has a good reputation, no matter what product or service you provide, customers will have more trust in you.  
  • Easily manage: the government regulators will be easier to manage individuals and organizations all around Vietnam.

Enhance competition with competitors:

  • The competition in the internet for e-commerce is increasingly fierce but if you know how to take advantage of this opportunity to own an e-commerce website that has been confirmed to the MOIT, it will often receive high credibility, which creates trust with customers. 

Personal/company branding:

  • This is the most concern for a website owner, which reflects a professional image. Email addresses, domain names, general policies and regulations through the website can help businesses build good reputation and spread images everywhere.

Website information profile includes:

  • If the owner is an individual, individual tax codes are required.
  • If the owner is a trader, a business license is required.
  • If the owner is an organization, a decision to establish is required.
  • Some other documents depending on the industry of that website (Ex: food hygiene and safety certificate, license to distribute foods, travel license and so on).
  • Basic website information includes: trader name, tax code, address, phone number, etc.

What will be the punishment if do not comply:

  • More scam websites sell fake and low-quality products so the authorities are looking for every measure to tighten management issues. Therefore, delay or hesitation in notifying the website to MOIT can result in your business being fined, including:
  • Websites that do not submit additional documents, information related to the web.
  • Amendments without notification to MOIT.
  • Websites that do not provide right information related to the web and changes without notification to MIOT.
  • The content of website when published is not the same as the previously information, which registered with the government authority.
  • If the website owner intentionally repeats the violation, an additional penalty will be applied such as: suspension of e-commerce activities from 6 to 12 months.
10 – 20 MILLION VND:
  • Do not declare website to MOIT.
  • Change information without notification to MOIT.
  • If the website owner intentionally repeats the violation, an additional penalty will be applied such as: suspension of e-commerce activities from 6 to 12 months. 

* Sources: The library of law

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